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paul niehans
The Revolution of Anti-Aging, Stem Cell Therapy

From the great book of Egypt's Eber Papyrus to the Great Surgery Book, there is therapy being practiced to heal damaged tissues in the body, this therapy is called ‘Cellular therapy’. Cellular therapy is the process of introducing new cells tissues from one host to another host in order to treat a condition or disease, a practice that took place thousands of years ago and it still used these days by many practitioners around the globe, a practice that one day could become a modern method of healing thanks to its promising results. In the beginning, many philosophers and doctors believes that the secret of restoration and rejuvenation lies in the transplant of a similar organ tissue to a damaged tissue as Paracelsus said ‘similis similibus curantur’ or same heals same. Many experimentations was followed to prove these hypothesis and most of them brought incredible results like one of the earliest experiment conducted by Charles Brown-Sequard a member of the Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS); using the animals testicles to prolong his vitality, which would be later be known as Brown-Sequard Elixir, a technique that was previously used by Romans and Chinese. With so many positive reactions to this therapy, cellular therapy is believed to hold the secret to improve condition that conventional medicines fails to improve and give a better quality of life.

Cellular Therapy works by renewing the building blocks cells in the body that keeps the body healthy, our skin youthful and fully functional; but these cells slowly decay while we age, our wrinkles starts showing off and our body functions starts to slow down. As the fresh new tissue is introduced into the system; the tissues automatically goes to each of its specific tissue (liver goes to livers) awakening the cells and restarting the building process. Cellular therapy is considered best to work with sheep’s fetal cells since both cells are believed to be similar, it’s risked free of any diseases and more less likely that the human body’s defensive mechanism would be triggered and reject it. One of most renowned doctors in the field of cell therapy is credited to Dr. Paul Niehans, a Swiss physician and considered as the “father of cell therapy”; influenced by the work of the noble prize winner and French surgeon Alexis Carrel in his work of cell regeneration believing the great healing benefits using specific tissue to deal with damaged tissue. Dr. Paul Niehans successfully healed a damaged parathyroid glands of an old woman in serious condition from a terrible surgery that went wrong by injecting glands cells from an animal since transplant was not to option due to her critical condition. Paul Niehans’s works would later be acknowledged by many important personalities who requested his cellular therapy; he would also publish of a book of his works and a seat into the Papal Academy of Science working with Papa Pius XII.

Today, celebrities and rich people travels to miles to these special clinics that offers these miraculous treatments to make themselves look younger, replenish their energy and improve serious health conditions. Countries like in Asian and Japan are using placenta injections for an affordable price to replenish their energy and whitening the face. These treatment still controversial but with time and testimony from people who went through the therapy, little by little cellular therapy is becoming recognizable and is even taught in some European medical countries and cellular therapy might one day become the future of healing.
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