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Phyto Stemrapy


12ml/0.4 fl oz each (2 Serum)

This latest technology utilized the systemic administration of LED photon light and vibration massage which deeply penetrates into skin for the best skin rejuvenation without any side-effect. The Micro LED Photon Light & Vibration Massage Rejuvenator is easy to use and suitable for home beauty device which enable you for multi-skin care of beauty salon at home.


Hand-held design, easy to use. Photon LED Light aids in improved blood circulation and enhanced treatment time for more than 50% by relaxing muscles tension to facilitate easy absorption into cells; moisturizing skin. The used of Red LED has the most rejuvenation effect of the skin; It is known to increases collagen production in the skin, which promotes growth of elastic fiber and triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth. The light spectrum also has amazing result on aging fine lines, acne and pores.

Vibration Massage through simulation of meridian point promotes skin cellular renewal and helps tone up loose skin under the eyes with relaxing effect on the face. The application of waves of micro vibration tightens sagging skin, fades dark eyes circles, freckles and old age spots. It enforces penetration of creams and lotion in the deeper layers of the skin and boosts the effectiveness of any skin care product that you use.

Phyto Stem Cell Serum contained one of the most advanced formulas in cell growth repair and anti-aging. When used in combination with massager, serum may penetrate effectively;

rejuvenating and repairing skin damaged from the harsh environment.

Use Procedures:

Achieve youthful look, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wash your face with soap or cleanser before using the MiLEOX LED Photon Light Massage Therapy (PLMT) Beauty Device.

  • Apply the Serum to the forehead and face.
  • Select LED light + Vibration mode on the device.
  • Massage and lift it up along the forehead and face to prevent wrinkles.
  • Place the spout bottle directly on the affected area and dispense an appropriate amount.
  • With the applicator, thinly spread out the serum evenly.
  • Then use the Massager; sweep in spirals from left to right motion for serum to permeate deeply.


water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycerin, malus domestica fruit cell culture extract, phosphatidylcholine, sodium hyaluronate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, chamomilla recutita(matricaria) flower extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, glycrrhiza glaba(licrorice) root extract, aspalathus lineraris extract, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyglycerin, xahthan gum, apple's stem cell extract, arginine, tocopherol, polysorbate 20, sphingolipids, phospholipids, glycolipids

WARNING:   Please keep LED Photon light away from eyes. LED Wavelength may be harmful to eyes.

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